• BIO 576 - Herpetology
  • BIO 339 - Identification of Woody Plants
  • BIO 562 - Limnology
  • BIO 577 - Mammalogy
  • BIO 436 - Plant Ecology
    • Summer and Intersession Courses - Special Topics (BIO 599 and BIO 699)
      • Plants and Ozark Culture
      • Ozarks Terrestrial Communities
      • Ozarks Lichen Ecology

State Sponsorship of Environmental Education Programs

Missouri State University is the state sponsors for three national environmental education programs.

Water Education Today (Project WET)

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is a K-12 program that focuses on water. The activities are supplementary to curriculum and are interdisciplinary. Project WET focuses on water resources as they relate to human needs and the natural world.

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Wildlife In Learning Design (Project WILD)

Project WILD's mission is to provide wildlife-based conservation and environmental education that fosters responsible actions toward wildlife and related natural resources. All curriculum materials are backed by sound educational practices and theory, and represent the work of many professionals within the fields of education and natural resource management from across the country.

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Project Learning Tree (PLT)

Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers, educators parents, and community leaders working with PreK-8. The activities are supplementary to curriculum and are interdisciplinary. PLT aims to engage students in learning about the environment and embrace stewardships through the lens of trees and forests.

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