The Bull Shoals Field Station consists of three properties: 

  • Drury House - 5-acre leased property within the Drury Conservation Area (CA); 

  • Mincy House - 5-acre MSU-owned property just outside the Drury CA and 3.5-miles from Drury House; and, 

  • Ozark Education Center - 3-acre MSU-owned property near Cedarcreek, MO. 

Each property has its own unique set up, which is described below. Selecting the header for each section will take you to a more detailed inventory. 

Drury House 

The Drury House site includes a two-story stone house plus several smaller outbuildings. The house was originally constructed by Frank Drury in 1924. It is a 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bath house. The house itself is completely off-grid with a water well; an electric system of solar panels, battery storage, and backup generator; propane wall heaters; and, a peat-moss septic system. 


Currently, the house has bunk beds for 10 people, but enough space that additional cots or other sleeping accommodations can be arranged. It has an ADA-compliant restroom on the ground level and a bathroom with shower on the second floor. It also has a fully outfitted kitchen with a medium-sized propane refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, coffee maker, etc.  



Pavilion and Fire Pit 

A pavilion provides fresh-air cover from sun and rain. It is furnished with seven picnic tables and benches around the perimeter. There is also a large fire pit with a grilling grate adjacent to the pavilion. Where possible the field station has two firewood racks staff attempt to keep filled for visitor use.  



Wet Lab/Office/Maintenance 

Part of an old stone shed on the property has been remodeled to serve as an office and wet lab and provides maintenance storage. The office has a desk with basic office supplies. The wet lab is set up with an assortment of equipment and materials. And the maintenance closet contains maintenance and landscaping tools.  



The classroom building has space for seating with or without tables for group use. There is enough seating for up to 40 people and various equipment available for presentations, educational demonstrations, sampling, etc.  



Mincy House 

The Mincy House site includes a single-story ranch house plus a large garage. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with central heat and air, a septic system, and well for water. Electricity is provided by the local power company. 


Currently, the house has bunk beds for 10 people, but enough space that additional cots or other sleeping accommodations can be arranged. It also has a fully outfitted kitchen, a laundry room, an office/library, and a large living room. 



The garage contains maintenance and landscaping tools and supplies, and equipment stored by researchers. It’s also large enough to hold sizeable group meetings and classes if necessary.  

Ozark Education Center 

The new Ozark Education Center (OEC) will be available for use in spring 2020. It consists of a common room building with a bunkroom and shower house in an adjacent building separated by a dogtrot. There are also three cabins easily accessible from the main building.  

Common Room/Kitchen 

The common room is a large open space that can accommodate up to 60 people in chairs or 40 around tables. It features a wall-mounted TV for presentations and additional electronic equipment in a storage area behind the TV. Adjacent to the open space is a fully equipped kitchen, and behind the kitchen is an office, storage room, and two restrooms. 

Bunkroom/Shower House 

Across a dogtrot from the common room is an ADA bunkroom with a total of seven bunks. There are also three shower/toilet rooms, a bank of sinks, and two storage rooms; one with a washer/dryer.  


There are three cabins with four bunks per cabin for a total of 12 bunks. Each cabin also includes a desk, shelves, and under-the-bed storage.